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Sliplo vs. Scrape Armor vs. Acexxon: Which Skid Plate is Best for Your Car?

Your dream vehicle is a major investment and one you take pride in. You wouldn’t own a car without a hood, leaving the engine and inner components exposed to the elements, so why wouldn’t you protect the underside? Steep hills, potholes, rough terrain, curbs, and speed bumps are just a few of the lurking dangers that can damage the front lip and bumper. Fortunately, with the invention of skid plates, there’s a way to effectively protect your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of a Skid Plate?

Skid plates act as protective barriers to the bumper and front lip of your vehicle. Benefits of utilizing skid plates include:

  • Protecting the factory paint
  • Prevent scratches and scrapes
  • Prevent cracks and splits
  • Protect against bending
  • Preserve resale value
  • Add style to the front end of your car


There are different kinds of skid plates on the market today. How do you know which one is the right fit for you? Let’s compare the most popular skid plate models available so you can make an informed decision.


SliPLO is a revolutionary universal skid plate made from the most durable material on the market. The outer layer is a branded liner, followed by acrylic foam, and a special Easy Glide polyurethane blend.

SliPLO’s unique design reduces friction by 50 percent. This means when your vehicle comes in contact with unwanted items such as curbs, there is minimal surface contact which means less unwanted scraping sounds.

The universal skid plate is extremely flexible, which means it can conform to any size vehicle and bumper. The unique design allows for multiple pieces to connect together and cover all high impact areas.

Consumers can either choose to self-install SliPLO or either let a local SLiPLO dealer do the install for you. If you choose DIY installation. It is as simple as applying SLiPLO to the underside of your bumper with gorilla strong double 3M adhesive. That’s right! No tools required! Apply within minutes.

How Much Does SLiPLO Cost?

One box of SLiPLO contains 10 pieces of skid plate material and costs $139.99 per box. Most vehicles require between 6 and 8 pieces for complete coverage.

Scrape Armor

Scrape Armor is a custom-made skid plate that is made to protect your front bumper from scrapes and bumps due to steep driveways, curbs, potholes and more. The first step of the process is to obtain a 3D scan of your vehicle, to make sure the fit is perfect.

The skid plate is made from a TekLite Polymer designed to reduce friction which allows your vehicle to easily glide off of vehicles it comes in contact with. Scrape Armor is sleek in design as it is only 2 mm thick at its thickest point. Consumers appreciate that Scrape Armor is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

All hardware is included with each skid plate. Install entails attaching the skid plate to the front of your vehicle with provided screws and a drill.

How Much Does Scrape Armor Cost?

The price of Scrape Armor varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Prices typically range from $399 to upwards of $750.


Acexxon Skid Plate are thin (1/8 inch thick) rubber strips which attach directly to the bumper of your vehicle via 3M adhesive. The width of each strip of Acexxon is almost 2 inches and offers both style and a degree of protection to the front bumper and lip of your vehicle.

How Much Does Scrape Armor Cost?

Acexxon comes in a box of five 18 inch strips and costs $64.99 per box.

Front Lip Protectors Geared Towards Aesthetics

As a bonus let’s take a look at two front lip protectors that offer limited protection when it comes to scrapes and scratches but are geared more towards elevating the style and look of your vehicle!

Bigetaige Universal Front Bumper Spoiler

This universal automotive tape is weather-resistant against heat, cold, rain, and snow, etc. It’s great for warding off minor scratches and scrapes that your front bumper might encounter. Bigetaige easily adheres to the front of your bumper via a 3M adhesive.

How Much Does Bigetaige Cost?

Bigetaige comes in 8.2-foot rolls and costs $14.95 per roll.

All-Fit Lip Kit

All-Fit Lip Kit is a great accessory to offer minor protection and style to your front and rear bumpers as well as side skirts from scrapes and scratches. All-Fit comes in different widths including 1.5 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3.5 inches. Consumers can choose from 6 different colors. Installation is a breeze with double-sided adhesive.

How Much Does All-Fit Cost?

The cost of All-Fit depends on the width and color you choose. On average, the price ranges from $59.99 to $250.00.

Protect Your Investment

You don’t need to choose between having the low profile vehicle of your dreams or incredible off-roading adventures and keeping the exterior looking like new. The application of a skid plate can give you both style and functionality, allowing you to cruise around town or in the middle of nowhere confidently. Now that you understand each option in detail, let’s take a look at a snapshot of all three options for easier comparison.

  • SLiPLO 
    • Middle of the road on price
    • Made from higher quality material than Acexxon
    • Easier to install than Scrape Armor
  • Scrape Armor
    • Most expensive option
    • Requires a more extensive install than either Acexxon or SLiPLO
  • Acexxon
    • Cheapest option available
    • Install is similar to SLiPLO
    • Made from a lower quality material than SLiPLO

It is not a matter of if but a matter of when the front end of your car falls prey to a lurking driveway, pothole or curb. Protecting your investment is of the utmost importance. Thoroughly understanding all of your skid plate options before making a decision will prevent buyers remorse down the road.