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How to Protect the Paint on your New Tesla

When it comes to high-end vehicles, nothing screams beautiful better than the car’s finish. Any damage to your car’s paint will shatter your confidence down the road. There is a high chance that you will shy away from ‘introducing’ your Tesla to friends.

From road debris impacts to chips and topical contaminants, the risks to your vehicle’s surface are plenty. Most of these risks are very subtle, and you’ll only notice them when the damage is too significant.

Paint protection film installations are one sure way of keeping the paint intact. What else can you do to protect the paint on your new Tesla? Let’s find out.

But first, why should you even care?

Every high-end car owner chases perfection – you should be no different. Are factory paint finishes great? Yes. But do they give you perfection? Well, this question forms a bone of contention.

Just like other top cars, Tesla’s factory painting is not immune to scratches and dents. Your luxury car will show swirl marks, among other imperfections once you actively hit the road.

Ceramic coatings and paint protection film have excelled where factory paints failed. Here’s how you can maintain the gloss on your new Tesla’s paint.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Your Tesla’s finish needs an invisible layer of armor, and the XPEL paint protection film offers nothing short of that. Anyone can forgive you for mistaking the crystal-clear film for your manufacturer’s finish. Although the film provides maximum protection to your factory paint, you can safely remove it.

The polyurethane film is energy-absorbent and guarantees protection for no less than ten solid years. When you bring the car for the installation, your service provider will create a precision template for your vehicle.

Less-advanced films are prone to cracking, blistering, and peeling. XPEL films will show no signs of these shortcomings as it protects the vulnerable painted areas.

This protection film will keep your Tesla from different kinds of damage, including:

  • Swirl marks from washing.
  • Chemical stains due to acidic contaminants.
  • Oxidation from UV exposure
  • Scratches from road debris
  • Chips from rocks
  • Hard water spots due to mineral deposits

Ceramic Pro

With Ceramic Coating protective paint, think of an additional clear coat – only that this one comes with self-cleaning properties and exclusive hardness. The nano-ceramic layer appears as a multi-layered liquid curing.

At the end of its application, the XPEL Ceramic Coating turns out to be a long-lasting glass shield. The hydrophobic shield sticks permanently on your factory paint while remaining flexible. There is no chance that any chemical will dissolve this chemical which forms a permanent adhesion on the car’s paint.

The coat comes with hardness above 9H (the highest on the Mohs scale). All you need to do is maintain the ceramic coating correctly, and your car will remain immune to scratches for a lifetime. With XPEL Ceramic Coating, your vehicle’s exterior becomes corrosion resistant. The coat prevents water and oxygen from getting into contact with metal or paint.

The super gloss from this protective coat exceeds anything else you’ll find in the market. Add the coat’s hydrophobic properties to these features, and you have reliable protection for your Tesla’s paint.

The damages that this protective coating takes care of include:

  • Chemical stains from acidic contaminants.
  • Chemical etch marks.
  • Fading due to UV exposure

Ultimate protection for your Tesla

Both the XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating and XPEL paint protection film offer excellent value when you use them separately. It is interesting to note that you can also use these protective components together and get amazing results.

Our experts will first cover areas prone to damage from scratches or rock chips with the XPEL film, which is pretty much the entire vehicle. We can then use the Ceramic Coating on top of the clear bra for ease of cleaning and UV protection. Chemical stains and etching will do little to interfere with your car’s paint.

With the hydrophobic surface over your car, there is no chance that contaminants will stick on the vehicle long enough to cause any substantial damage.

Things to look out for

Well, they say prevention is better than cure. While the above options will take good care of your paint, here are causes of paint chips that you should know.

  • Weather Conditions
  • Road Debris like broken glass, road salt, rock chips, and loose concrete.
  • Sharp Objects
  • Accidents
  • Harsh chemicals found in car cleaners and soaps.
  • Sub-standard Paint Jobs
  • Environmental Factors including bird droppings, splattered bugs, and the sun’s UV rays.

Benefits of protecting the paint

Besides maintaining the gloss on your Tesla’s exterior, protective coatings offer a host of benefits for you, the car owner.

  • You’ll have an easier time cleaning the car.
  • Your car remains clean for longer.
  • The protective coating prevents rust.
  • The value of your car won’t depreciate.
  • For the duration of your warranty of the ceramic coating, you will never have to wax your car again.

Why should you choose Sticker City?

You need a reliable partner to protect your Tesla’s paint. The right coating applied in an unsatisfactory manner will do little to take away flaws in your exterior. Sticker City offers paint protection and restyling to clients from all walks of life. You will also find numerous packages tailored to your budget and the specific needs of your car.

Your Tesla will receive a unique touch that will leave a glowing look throughout its body. Do you want to drive a new car every day? Sticker City is your best bet. We have worked on more than a thousand Tesla’s making us masters of this manufacturer. We also care about your car and how you fell when you leave Sticker City.

In Conclusion

At Sticker City, we work with one thing in mind – to help your vehicle remain as good as new. Stop in and see all the cars we are working on for yourself. You’ll also get to see how we treat everyone’s cars and all the available options.

Do you want to maintain the pristine look on your new Tesla for years? Contact Sticker City’s professionals today. We’ll wrap your electric car in the XPel paint protection film, and you’ll love the results.

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