Mercedes AMG GT S protected with XPEL STEALTH Finish Clear Bra Paint Protection.

Guess what we did to this Mercedes GT S AMG !

Can you guess what we did to this Mercedes GT S AMG?

For this Mercedes GT S AMG our customer decided to add XPEL Stealth Finish Clear Bra Paint Protection.  The results? Absolutely stunning !!


See for yourself…






Beautiful right? We thought so too.  Some say that it feels like you have a new car !



XPEL Stealth comes with a 7 year warranty.  Covered defects include: yellow, staining, cracking, delamination and  blistering. Other benefits are self healing powers and overall performance.

You should consider this if you are looking to change the appearance of your vehicle and protect your paint job.


Porsche 911 wrapped in Blue

Porsche 911 wrapped in Avery’s Intense Blue.

Here we have Speed Districts Porsche 911 that was wrapped in Avery’s Intense Blue.


This is the second time they bring this vehicle for a full vehicle wrap. The first time, we wrapped it in grey. This time, they went with Avery’s Intense Blue and they loved it !

The beauty about a full vehicle wrap is that you can remove it and change it to a completely different color.  It feels like a different car and people love that !



Satin Pearl White Aston Martin

Aston Martin Vantage wrapped in KPMF Satin Pearl White.

Our good friend wanted to surprise his mom with a full vehicle wrap for her birthday so he came to us for the second time!  (We appreciate it J ! )


Although it is already a nice car, modifying it to your style is always nice. The black accents really make the white stand out. Calipers were also painted white to match the wrap.

Best part about it?  She loved it !



Here is the beautiful Aston Martin  that went from silver to a beautiful Satin Pearl White  within just a few days.




Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB protected with XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra plus black accents.

Ferrari 488 GTB 

Elegant red Ferrari 488 GTB protected with full body Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra Paint Protection for many years of enjoyable drives.


Main Benefit? 

From now on, this customer does not have to worry about rock chips, swirl marks and minor scratches. You get to drive with tranquility knowing your entire paint job is protected from road hazards for 10 years to come.






BMW M4 in Xpel Stealth Clear Bra

BMW M4 Xpel Stealth Finish Clear Bra Paint Protection.

For years people have been trying to decide whether to wrap or clear bra their vehicle. Now, You can do both. Just take a look at this BMW M4.


Chrome delete on Cadillac Escalade

Here Is How You Can Restyle Your New Cadillac Escalade.

Chrome delete on Cadillac Escalade.


You now have the option of restyling your new Cadillac Escalade by eliminating some of the chrome or all of the chrome. As you can see, besides blacking out all the chrome, Powder coating the wheels finishes the look!

Here you can see, We painted the grill, badges, wrapped the window trims, roof racks, fog lights surrounds




Satin White Aluminum Mercedes

Mercedes C450 Wrapped In 3M Satin White Aluminum

Here we have  what used to be a white Mercedes C450 that turned into 3M  Satin White aluminum beautiful new color that 3M came out not too long ago.  We also ended up blacking out all the chrome pieces so the wrap color can stand out more.

Best part it?

Once his lease is up in 3 years, All he has to do is remove the wrap and give it back just the way he got it.




Matte Black Mercedes

Matte Black murdered out look on Mercedes GT AMG.

Mercedes GT wrapped in KPMF Matte Black.


Satin Black Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport completely transformed into Satin Black.

Range Rover Sport went from white to Satin black within 7 days.

Lamborghini Huracan wrapped In Matte Purple

Lamborghini Huracan Transformed lnto Matte Purple/Blue Iridescent.

One of our good friend and client decided to protect his paint  Lamborghini Huracan’s paint job with XPEL Stealth Finish first  and then decided to change it up with an eye catching full vehicle wrap.


Yes, It is possible to wrap over your paint protection. Pretty cool right!?