Rock Chips: How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Imagine driving down the street on a beautiful summer day in one of your most prized possessions. As you cruise down the street, with the A/C blasting and music blaring through the speakers, a car in front of you passes over a patch of loose gravel, making the individual pebbles and road debris torpedo towards your car. You immediately snap out of your delighted mood when you hear the sound of rocks hitting your vehicle. You slow down and exit the car, examining the extent of the damage. There are scratches everywhere. Your pristine windshield is cracked, and your fresh

Paint Protection Film – What You Should Know
In the auto world, you may have heard about automotive protective films, as they go by different names including clear mask, car scratch protective film, clear wrap, invisible shield, rock chip protection, etc. or it could just be referred to as paint protection film or the common name "clear bra". What and Why? One of the major reasons why people use paint protection films is based on the fact that a lot of people want their cars to still maintain their looks after a long time, perhaps the reason why a lot of cars still look new even after years [...]
Top 5 Paint Protection Products For New Cars
So, let's say you've got a brand-new vehicle or have been a car owner for a while. You love your ride so much, and you want it to always stay the way it is with its sparkling beautiful look. Your vehicle is important to you, and you are looking for a way to ensure that its appearance remains perfect just like the day you bought it. The best solution would be to give your vehicle some protection. Your ride needs to be protected from natural forces and elements which can decimate its Look. Today will be revealing to you top [...]
5 Myths Of Paint Protection Film Debunked
I’ve been protecting paint jobs on high-end cars for over 20 years at my shop in Van Nuys called Sticker City.  What’s happening is a problem and I feel that I must speak out.  Don’t get me wrong, there are very good installers out there, but more and more I see prices rising due to an arrogance within the industry.  You see, if people don’t know how a process works, an installer can create added value where there really is none.  This ensures that the customer will pay top dollar for “expert” treatment. Sounds deceitful, doesn’t it?  I think you’re [...]
How to Get the Most Marketing Mileage Out Of Your Car Wrap?

We all are very informed about the craze which people have for the Car Wrap in Los Angeles. The vehicle wraps are not only fun but also helps in keeping your vehicle protected for any kind of damage to paint. The vehicle wrap is designed to avoid any effect of dust and dirt which may deposit on the vehicle and could scratch away the paint. The car wrap which is customized by the pros in wrapping business is also used widely to drive the marketing goals related to business. Choose To Park Wisely The first thing which you need to

How To Take Care Of A 3M Clear Bra?

Your car is a very big investment at both the financial and emotional level. We never want it to get damaged either it is some dents or minor scratches. A good way to protect such damages is to have a 3M clear bra installed on your vehicle to protect the paint from the effect of weather like the sun, rain as well as dust or dirt. However, it is also very important that you aim at all the measures which can help in protecting the 3M Clear Bra in Los Angeles.   Wash carefully: first of all, you should ensure

Car Buyer Alert – What You Need To Know About Paint Protection Film

Before you decide to get a paint protection film installed on your car, there are a few things you need to be aware of first. Any leading car painting Los Angeles firm would advise you to invest in a reliable paint protection film if you want the colors of the paint to never change over the period of usage. If you want it to keep looking the same and as if you have just purchased it, you will need to protect your car with a robust quality transparent film. What Automotive Paint Protection Film Does For Your Car The most

Give Your Car The Best Protection On Earth with a Sticker City Clear Bra in Los Angeles

Car wrapping and clear bra are turning out to be a trend for every vehicle either it is a service van or some luxury vehicle. Vehicle wraps have become much more common as everyone has its own perception related to car wraps. Either it is due to the marketing of some brand or the need to make a vehicle look eye-catching and unique while driving on the roads. With the use of mufflers and many other parts like spoilers and exhaust grills, stickers have also become an important part of car modification. At sticker city, we offer you some really

NEW 2018 Lexus LC 500 flawlessly covered with Xpel Clear bra Paint Protection.

Xpel paint protection should be one of the first things you do to your vehicle before you take it anywhere else.     Just the thought of  being able to drive without having to worry about dead bugs or small rocks damaging your paint job should be enough to help you realize that your vehicle is in need of a layer of protection.      

Tesla Model X with all chrome pieces blacked out.

After working on MANY Teslas we still can’t get over how awesome it looks with chrome pieces all blacked out, no matter what the color of the car  is.        

Are rock chips damaging your paint job while on the road?

You are driving on a beautiful day when suddenly, you hear rock chips hitting your vehicle’s paint job. Ouch ! Do not panic,  call us to find out more about clear bra paint protection and all the packages we have to offer.      

The perfect gift this year is a full vehicle wrap.

A full vehicle wrap is the perfect gift because it is unique, adds a layer of protection to the paint job and it completely changes the look of the vehicle making it more appealing.