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Sliplo vs. Scrape Armor vs. Acexxon: Which Skid Plate is Best for Your Car?

Your dream vehicle is a major investment and one you take pride in. You wouldn’t own a car without a hood, leaving the engine and inner components exposed to the elements, so why wouldn’t you protect the underside? Steep hills, potholes, rough terrain, curbs, and speed bumps are just a few of the lurking dangers that can damage the front lip and bumper. Fortunately, with the invention of skid plates, there’s a way to effectively protect your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of a Skid Plate?

Skid plates act as protective barriers to the bumper and front lip of your vehicle. Benefits of utilizing skid plates include:

  • Protecting the factory paint
  • Prevent scratches and scrapes
  • Prevent cracks and splits
  • Protect against bending
  • Preserve resale value
  • Add style to the front end of your car


There are different kinds of skid plates on the market today. How do you know which one is the right fit for you? Let’s compare the most popular skid plate models available so you can make an informed decision.


SliPLO is a revolutionary universal skid plate made from the most durable material on the market. The outer layer is a branded liner, followed by acrylic foam, and a special Easy Glide polyurethane blend.

SliPLO’s unique design reduces friction by 50 percent. This means when your vehicle comes in contact with unwanted items such as curbs, there is minimal surface contact which means less unwanted scraping sounds.

The universal skid plate is extremely flexible, which means it can conform to any size vehicle and bumper. The unique design allows for multiple pieces to connect together and cover all high impact areas.

Consumers can either choose to self-install SliPLO or either let a local SLiPLO dealer do the install for you. If you choose DIY installation. It is as simple as applying SLiPLO to the underside of your bumper with gorilla strong double 3M adhesive. That’s right! No tools required! Apply within minutes.

How Much Does SLiPLO Cost?

One box of SLiPLO contains 10 pieces of skid plate material and costs $139.99 per box. Most vehicles require between 6 and 8 pieces for complete coverage.

Scrape Armor

Scrape Armor is a custom-made skid plate that is made to protect your front bumper from scrapes and bumps due to steep driveways, curbs, potholes and more. The first step of the process is to obtain a 3D scan of your vehicle, to make sure the fit is perfect.

The skid plate is made from a TekLite Polymer designed to reduce friction which allows your vehicle to easily glide off of vehicles it comes in contact with. Scrape Armor is sleek in design as it is only 2 mm thick at its thickest point. Consumers appreciate that Scrape Armor is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

All hardware is included with each skid plate. Install entails attaching the skid plate to the front of your vehicle with provided screws and a drill.

How Much Does Scrape Armor Cost?

The price of Scrape Armor varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Prices typically range from $399 to upwards of $750.


Acexxon Skid Plate are thin (1/8 inch thick) rubber strips which attach directly to the bumper of your vehicle via 3M adhesive. The width of each strip of Acexxon is almost 2 inches and offers both style and a degree of protection to the front bumper and lip of your vehicle.

How Much Does Scrape Armor Cost?

Acexxon comes in a box of five 18 inch strips and costs $64.99 per box.

Front Lip Protectors Geared Towards Aesthetics

As a bonus let’s take a look at two front lip protectors that offer limited protection when it comes to scrapes and scratches but are geared more towards elevating the style and look of your vehicle!

Bigetaige Universal Front Bumper Spoiler

This universal automotive tape is weather-resistant against heat, cold, rain, and snow, etc. It’s great for warding off minor scratches and scrapes that your front bumper might encounter. Bigetaige easily adheres to the front of your bumper via a 3M adhesive.

How Much Does Bigetaige Cost?

Bigetaige comes in 8.2-foot rolls and costs $14.95 per roll.

All-Fit Lip Kit

All-Fit Lip Kit is a great accessory to offer minor protection and style to your front and rear bumpers as well as side skirts from scrapes and scratches. All-Fit comes in different widths including 1.5 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3.5 inches. Consumers can choose from 6 different colors. Installation is a breeze with double-sided adhesive.

How Much Does All-Fit Cost?

The cost of All-Fit depends on the width and color you choose. On average, the price ranges from $59.99 to $250.00.

Protect Your Investment

You don’t need to choose between having the low profile vehicle of your dreams or incredible off-roading adventures and keeping the exterior looking like new. The application of a skid plate can give you both style and functionality, allowing you to cruise around town or in the middle of nowhere confidently. Now that you understand each option in detail, let’s take a look at a snapshot of all three options for easier comparison.

  • SLiPLO 
    • Middle of the road on price
    • Made from higher quality material than Acexxon
    • Easier to install than Scrape Armor
  • Scrape Armor
    • Most expensive option
    • Requires a more extensive install than either Acexxon or SLiPLO
  • Acexxon
    • Cheapest option available
    • Install is similar to SLiPLO
    • Made from a lower quality material than SLiPLO

It is not a matter of if but a matter of when the front end of your car falls prey to a lurking driveway, pothole or curb. Protecting your investment is of the utmost importance. Thoroughly understanding all of your skid plate options before making a decision will prevent buyers remorse down the road.

Silver Tesla Model 3 Xpel Steatlh finish

How to Protect the Paint on your New Tesla

When it comes to high-end vehicles, nothing screams beautiful better than the car’s finish. Any damage to your car’s paint will shatter your confidence down the road. There is a high chance that you will shy away from ‘introducing’ your Tesla to friends.

From road debris impacts to chips and topical contaminants, the risks to your vehicle’s surface are plenty. Most of these risks are very subtle, and you’ll only notice them when the damage is too significant.

Paint protection film installations are one sure way of keeping the paint intact. What else can you do to protect the paint on your new Tesla? Let’s find out.

But first, why should you even care?

Every high-end car owner chases perfection – you should be no different. Are factory paint finishes great? Yes. But do they give you perfection? Well, this question forms a bone of contention.

Just like other top cars, Tesla’s factory painting is not immune to scratches and dents. Your luxury car will show swirl marks, among other imperfections once you actively hit the road.

Ceramic coatings and paint protection film have excelled where factory paints failed. Here’s how you can maintain the gloss on your new Tesla’s paint.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Your Tesla’s finish needs an invisible layer of armor, and the XPEL paint protection film offers nothing short of that. Anyone can forgive you for mistaking the crystal-clear film for your manufacturer’s finish. Although the film provides maximum protection to your factory paint, you can safely remove it.

The polyurethane film is energy-absorbent and guarantees protection for no less than ten solid years. When you bring the car for the installation, your service provider will create a precision template for your vehicle.

Less-advanced films are prone to cracking, blistering, and peeling. XPEL films will show no signs of these shortcomings as it protects the vulnerable painted areas.

This protection film will keep your Tesla from different kinds of damage, including:

  • Swirl marks from washing.
  • Chemical stains due to acidic contaminants.
  • Oxidation from UV exposure
  • Scratches from road debris
  • Chips from rocks
  • Hard water spots due to mineral deposits

Ceramic Pro

With Ceramic Coating protective paint, think of an additional clear coat – only that this one comes with self-cleaning properties and exclusive hardness. The nano-ceramic layer appears as a multi-layered liquid curing.

At the end of its application, the XPEL Ceramic Coating turns out to be a long-lasting glass shield. The hydrophobic shield sticks permanently on your factory paint while remaining flexible. There is no chance that any chemical will dissolve this chemical which forms a permanent adhesion on the car’s paint.

The coat comes with hardness above 9H (the highest on the Mohs scale). All you need to do is maintain the ceramic coating correctly, and your car will remain immune to scratches for a lifetime. With XPEL Ceramic Coating, your vehicle’s exterior becomes corrosion resistant. The coat prevents water and oxygen from getting into contact with metal or paint.

The super gloss from this protective coat exceeds anything else you’ll find in the market. Add the coat’s hydrophobic properties to these features, and you have reliable protection for your Tesla’s paint.

The damages that this protective coating takes care of include:

  • Chemical stains from acidic contaminants.
  • Chemical etch marks.
  • Fading due to UV exposure

Ultimate protection for your Tesla

Both the XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating and XPEL paint protection film offer excellent value when you use them separately. It is interesting to note that you can also use these protective components together and get amazing results.

Our experts will first cover areas prone to damage from scratches or rock chips with the XPEL film, which is pretty much the entire vehicle. We can then use the Ceramic Coating on top of the clear bra for ease of cleaning and UV protection. Chemical stains and etching will do little to interfere with your car’s paint.

With the hydrophobic surface over your car, there is no chance that contaminants will stick on the vehicle long enough to cause any substantial damage.

Things to look out for

Well, they say prevention is better than cure. While the above options will take good care of your paint, here are causes of paint chips that you should know.

  • Weather Conditions
  • Road Debris like broken glass, road salt, rock chips, and loose concrete.
  • Sharp Objects
  • Accidents
  • Harsh chemicals found in car cleaners and soaps.
  • Sub-standard Paint Jobs
  • Environmental Factors including bird droppings, splattered bugs, and the sun’s UV rays.

Benefits of protecting the paint

Besides maintaining the gloss on your Tesla’s exterior, protective coatings offer a host of benefits for you, the car owner.

  • You’ll have an easier time cleaning the car.
  • Your car remains clean for longer.
  • The protective coating prevents rust.
  • The value of your car won’t depreciate.
  • For the duration of your warranty of the ceramic coating, you will never have to wax your car again.

Why should you choose Sticker City?

You need a reliable partner to protect your Tesla’s paint. The right coating applied in an unsatisfactory manner will do little to take away flaws in your exterior. Sticker City offers paint protection and restyling to clients from all walks of life. You will also find numerous packages tailored to your budget and the specific needs of your car.

Your Tesla will receive a unique touch that will leave a glowing look throughout its body. Do you want to drive a new car every day? Sticker City is your best bet. We have worked on more than a thousand Tesla’s making us masters of this manufacturer. We also care about your car and how you fell when you leave Sticker City.

In Conclusion

At Sticker City, we work with one thing in mind – to help your vehicle remain as good as new. Stop in and see all the cars we are working on for yourself. You’ll also get to see how we treat everyone’s cars and all the available options.

Do you want to maintain the pristine look on your new Tesla for years? Contact Sticker City’s professionals today. We’ll wrap your electric car in the XPel paint protection film, and you’ll love the results.

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Rock Chips: How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Imagine driving down the street on a beautiful summer day in one of your most prized possessions. As you cruise down the street, with the A/C blasting and music blaring through the speakers, a car in front of you passes over a patch of loose gravel, making the individual pebbles and road debris torpedo towards your car. You immediately snap out of your delighted mood when you hear the sound of rocks hitting your vehicle. You slow down and exit the car, examining the extent of the damage.

There are scratches everywhere. Your pristine windshield is cracked, and your fresh coat of paint is now ruined by small scratches and dents. You try to remedy the problem with water on cloth, as you convince yourself that the scratches can be wiped away.

Damage to your car’s finish can leave you shattered. When things like this happen, it could leave your car looking scuffed and marred with chipped paint. Before jumping into the reasons as to why paint chip repair is such a necessity, let’s discuss the different causes of chipping paint.


  • Road Debris: Whether it’s from a gravel truck that hits a bump, sending small rocks flying everywhere or a dusty construction zone, road debris can be quite damaging to your paint job and cause it to chip. Other forms of flying road debris that can cause paint chipping include rock chips, broken glass, pieces of loose concrete, metal car parts, chunks of tire rubber, sand, and road salt.    
  • Weather Conditions: When there are constant temperature fluctuations, your car’s paint job can suffer. At low temperatures, the paint tends to contract, while at higher temperatures, it expands. Because of this regular contraction and expansion, the paint starts to lose its luster and begins to chip over time. This is due to the decreased grip on the surface of the car.
  • Environmental Forces: Your car is exposed to various forms of moisture such as rain, sleet, snow, and ice. Long-term exposure to moisture can damage your paint job and lead to chipping. Other natural causes of paint chips include the sun’s UV rays, bird droppings, falling berries or leaves, and splattered bugs.
  • Accidents: Accidents are the most common and obvious causes of chipping paint. Certain mishaps like a careless motorist opening their car door into yours and bumping into a concrete barrier or pole can cause paint chipping as well. Anytime there’s an impact to your car, it can damage not only the paint’s top layer, but the underlying layers as well.
  • Low-Quality Paint Jobs: The car painting industry has shifted from heavy, lead-based paints to less reliable water-based formulas. This shift makes car paint easier to use and more affordable, but can lead to a lower-quality paint job. Water-based paints chip easily, even from a slight impact to the vehicle’s surface and are typically less resistant to natural causes of paint chipping.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Many car cleaners and soaps contain harsh chemicals. They may be effective at removing tar, bug splatters, and road grime off your car’s finish, but they’re not very “paint-friendly”. As these chemicals remove dirt and debris, they may also be getting rid of the top layer of paint. This causes the paint to weaken, promoting chipping.
  • Sharp Objects: There are times when you may accidentally hit your car with a sharp object like the corner of a metal ladder or a heavy tool. As you can imagine, these objects can damage your paint job considerably. Other times, you may be a victim of vandalism and your car is scratched with things like keys, razors, knives, and scissors. These cause scratches that penetrate the paint’s hard protective shell, exposing the more vulnerable lower layers to chipping.


Paint chip repairs are necessary for several reasons:

  • Prevent Rust: When your car has experienced chipping paint, the underlying layers and eventually the metal is now vulnerable to rust. Rust can spread beneath the paint, eating away at the metal. This process is accelerated by exposure to salt such as salty air in coastal areas or salted roads in the winter.
  • Maintain Value: Fixing paint chips on your car will make it look nicer and thus, keep the value high. This is especially important if you’re trying to resell your car or trade it in. 
  • Improve Appearance: This reason is obviously the least important in comparison to the others, but everyone wants a nice-looking car. When paint starts chipping and rust sets in, your car may start to look like an eyesore.

While paint chips aren’t a serious problem, they can take away from the overall beauty of your car. As time passes, your car is exposed to natural elements and road debris. Eventually, paint damage can occur.

At Sticker City, we bring a solution to car owners worried about significant paint chip damage occurring to their vehicle. One of the solutions is the Xpel paint protection film, also known as the “Clear Bra.” Xpel paint protection film (PPF) is a clear polyurethane film, applied to the surface of an automobile to protect the paint from scrapes, dents, and scratches due to road debris.

The other option is known as Xpel Stealth Ultimate Film with a satin finish. This option is designed specifically for cars with a matte finish. Matte paint is known for having difficult preserving the quality of the material, especially in comparison to standard finishes. For this reason, XPEL Stealth is an ideal option for owners. This film seamlessly blends in with your vehicles current paint job, protecting it against road debris and other external factors that could create blemishes. If a mark does occur, no worries. They simply disappear within minutes in the sun or garage. 

Sticker City offers different packages depending on your needs and budget.

  • Little Bear Package – The most economical package, entailing full hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, and front bumper coverage.
  • Papa Bear Package – The most popular package, entailing full hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, front bumper, and rocker panels.
  • Big Mama Bear Package – The top-tier package, entailing full coverage of all painted portions of the automobile. 

At Sticker City, we specialize in helping you maintain the quality of your vehicle. If you’re interested in not only preserving your vehicle’s resell value, by keeping it looking as pristine as the day you bought it, consider getting your car wrapped in the innovative Xpel paint protection film from the professionals at Sticker City today. 

paint protection film benefits

Paint Protection Film – What You Should Know

In the auto world, you may have heard about automotive protective films, as they go by different names including clear mask, car scratch protective film, clear wrap, invisible shield, rock chip protection, etc. or it could just be referred to as paint protection film or the common name “clear bra”.

What and Why?

paint protection film installation
paint protection film installation

One of the major reasons why people use paint protection films is based on the fact that a lot of people want their cars to still maintain their looks after a long time, perhaps the reason why a lot of cars still look new even after years of usage. The idea behind the paint protection is to ensure that your car looks better for a long time.

Paint protection film benefits seems to be the best defense you can use on your car to make the paint job not get affected by elements that may otherwise affect the paint and look of the car; hence, your car is protected from scratches and chips that can be caused by road debris and rocks.

It is made from urethane and other compounds, and thus has an increased resistance against acidic and corrosion contaminants; hence, acid rain, bed droppings, mineral deposits, etc. will not be able to affect it and the paint job. Furthermore, the film does not go through an oxidization process when exposed to the sun, thus helping to guard your car paint against the sun’s UV rays, and invariably preventing the car paint from fading. The film is created with polymers that are elastomeric; hence, when light scratches are made on the film, it has the ability to return to its original form before the scratch. This goes to say that you can apply the paint protection film to your car, and thus maintain the quality and look of your car’s paint for a very long time.

It is important to note that while the paint protection film has its benefits, it does not necessarily mean that it can do everything to ensure that your car stays shiny. When you apply the paint protection film, you will still continue caring for the bodywork like you would normally do even if the film was not there. The film only adds some protection; however, it should be noted that it is not a lifetime application.

The History

film history

A little history into clear bra will help you know about how it came to being, and perhaps help you appreciate it better.

The film is created from a material called urethane, and it is usually transparent in nature.

Urethane technology dates back to some time when the Vietnam war was going on; US helicopters kept crashing because their rotor blades’ leading edge had gotten some minor damages at some point during their operations. 3M was contacted, and they came up with a technology that was not just resilient, but also lightweight, hence, urethane was the proffered and preferred solution, and thus began the use of urethane technology for the manufacture of helicopter rotor blades and other parts of other aircraft. The success of 3M with the urethane technology is one of the reasons why 3M is still in business with the military and the general aerospace industry.

After seeing the success of the urethane technology with the military, NASCAR discovered that it could be applied to race cars, and after a few trials, its success was recorded. Advertisers were paying a lot of money to plaster their adverts on the body of fast cars, and seeing how fast such cars were moving against different elements; there was the tendency for the decals to get chipped by dirt and debris; hence, the fronts of the cars were protected with urethane technology. In 1990, and after improvements on the technology, it became available for use for everyone, and since then it has been getting better, so much so, that they have OEM approvals from a lot of the automotive manufacturers in the industry.

What is it made from?

It is only right that you have an idea what the material you are using to protect your vehicle is actually made from, perhaps to ascertain whether it is really good for your car. One of the major ingredient used in the manufacture of the clear bra/paint protection film is urethane, which is a polymer that is versatile, powerful, and created from carbonate links. When it is made into a compound, it comes with some unique attributes including: transparent and lightweight, enhanced resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion, flexibility, and ability to return to original shape after being stretched. There are several applications of Urethane technology other than for cars and aircrafts, as they are used to line the tiles found in your bathroom, boat coatings, football pads, underwater cables, surfboard fins, etc. There are just so many applications of the material, and that is just to buttress the point that it is an effective material to bring some protection to different surfaces.

Basically, there are four layers that make up the material, with different thicknesses:

  • Clearcoat: 0.5 mils (0.013 mm)
  • Polyurethane: 6.0 mils (0.0152 mm)
  • Acrylic Adhesive: 1.6 mils (0.040 mm)
  • Polyester Release Liner: 3.0 mils (0.076 mm
paint protection film composition

What are the possible liabilities?

If they get applied properly, they are invisible to your naked eyes, and it does not affect the clarity and depth of your vehicle’s paint. However, if you have done some research about paint protection film on the internet, there is the possibility of coming across people complaining about some certain types of defects that have come up after a while of using clear bra. Some of the defects reported include blistering, yellowing, and peeling. In order for you to make your decisions correctly, it is imperative that you know the actual causes of the defects and how best to avoid them.

  • Blistering

This occurs when tiny air bubbles are discovered beneath the film, and this is usually due to the way the film is applied. This is why it is recommended that professionals are contacted to apply the film, as they will do a good job and reduce the risks of getting contaminated with air bubbles.

  • Yellowing

This used to be one of the earliest reports against the paint protection film, and this was when it was first introduced to consumer cars. The matter was looked into, and it was discovered that the adhesive used was the cause, because it was getting oxidized by UV rays. After more research, acrylic adhesives were discovered to be a better alternative, and thus improve the resistance of the material to UV rays, while also preventing oxidization and discoloration.

  • Peeling

This is usually the case when a substandard film is used, or perhaps when it gets applied unprofessionally, and it could also be as a result of not being properly cared for. It is important that when using pressure washers, you should be at least 12 inches away from the surface of the vehicle, especially when washing exposed edges, as it could cause the peeling to begin from the edges.

These complaints can be afforded if you use quality paint protection film that is applied by professionals and taken care of properly.

clear bra paint protection

Top 5 Paint Protection Products For New Cars

top 5 paint protection products

So, let’s say you’ve got a brand-new vehicle or have been a car owner for a while. You love your ride so much, and you want it to always stay the way it is with its sparkling beautiful look. Your vehicle is important to you, and you are looking for a way to ensure that its appearance remains perfect just like the day you bought it. The best solution would be to give your vehicle some protection. Your ride needs to be protected from natural forces and elements which can decimate its Look. Today will be revealing to you top 5 paint protection products that you can use to keep your car’s appearance looking as premium as can be. Check them out below –

1. Clear Bra Paint Protection

clear bra paint protection
clear bra paint protection

XPEL Ultimate Plus Clear Bra uses its amazing film technology to give protection to your vehicle’s fenders, hoods, and mirrors, as well as, bumpers and headlights. Its look almost invisible and gives your automobile an extremely smooth outside texture. The application of quality clear bra paint protection will surely keep your car’s paint in top shape for many years and secure its high-impact areas from being damaged by road debris as well as rock chips.

This quality film top layering comprises of elastomeric polymers which will retain their original shape even if they get stretched or disfigured, thus, equipping the film with self-healing properties. So you have nothing to worry about when the film is affected by light scratches because it will absorb the damage while returning to its original texture prior to the damage.

XPEL Ultimate Plus Clear Bra uses its amazing film technology to give protection to your vehicle’s fenders, hoods, and mirrors, as well as, bumpers and headlights. Its look almost invisible and gives your automobile an extremely smooth outside texture. The application of quality clear bra paint protection will surely keep your car’s paint in top shape for many years and secure its high-impact areas from being damaged by road debris as well as rock chips.

2. SLIPLO Universal Bumper Skid Plate

sliplo universal skid plate
sliplo universal skid plate

Remember how annoying it can feel when your bumper’s underside grinds the driveway when you pull out? The shining factory paint that your bumpers come with gradually get scraped and scratched by these horrible things. However, there is a solution to ensure that your vehicle stays protected and suffers no damage from driveways that are steep sharp.

SLIPLO universal bumper skid guard is a polyurethane formulation which is specifically designed to be flexible in cold temperatures, premium web performance, maximum and enhanced tear strength, as well as excellent hydrolysis resistance. SLIPLO comes with functional beveled edge units that improve your vehicle’s aerodynamic properties and also gives your car a smooth finish with its gloss black color that shines and blends in perfectly with the existing color of your vehicle’s body.

The tough material used in the production of SLIPLO is similar to that of snow plow blades. SLIPLO will simply mold to your vehicle’s underside just the way find leather gloves do. SLIPLO attaches to the bumper of your car by making use of 3M double-sided adhesive. Therefore there is no need to drill, no weld distortion, without any need for riveting, adhesives curing, clean up, etc. The installation of this amazing product is super easy, and your bumper will be protected from common damages.

3. Ceramic Coating

XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating studio install 1
XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating studio install 1

Ceramic coating refers to the process through which semi-permanent barriers are built between the paint of your car and external elements. Ceramic coating comes with a hydrophobic and glossy surface which keeps out ultraviolet rays while simplifying the process of washing your car. The coatings are specific to vehicle surfaces and will offer your paint, interior surfaces, as well as glass the needed protection.

XPEL Fusion is a top product line of ceramic coating products with the use of nano-ceramic coating tech designed to give you superb experience and Performance. Ceramic coating product variations come in special formulas for specific applications. Ceramic Pro coatings have been formulated to suit a wide range of paint protection needs and can be used as top gloss or base coats and for annual renewals.

Ceramic Fusion offers features such as scratch resistance, advanced chemical resistance, thermal resistance, superhydrophobic effect, as well as, weather and ultraviolet resistance, resistance against oxidation and corrosion, anti-graffiti, etc. This cutting-edge technology is built around ceramic molecular compounds and is patented due to years of research as well as adequate testing another two provide vehicle owners with a premium product for paint protection.

4. Vehicle Covers

The importance of vehicle covers cannot be overestimated as they give your car both indoor and outdoor protection from external elements known to cause vehicle damages. Check out Covercraft’s indoor car covers that are produced with Form-Fit material included outdoor car covers manufactured with Sunbrella material. Now you can give you a vehicle the protection that it needs with these top-quality materials from inside to outside. Form-Fit covers come with sheared cotton fleece which makes it a luxurious car cover to use on the inside. Sunbrella car covers protect your vehicle from the intense sun.

Also, explore a wide range of customized fit car covers from WeatherTech that you can select from. WeatherTech provides you with numerous variations of indoor as well as outdoor car covers which makes finding a guaranteed cover that will offer your vehicle the protection that it needs from various elements easier. You can check out front end covers that are aesthetically advanced and built to offer maximum protection.

5. Trac Wrap

xpel trackwrap
xpel trackwrap

If you are looking for do-it-yourself paint protection Solutions, then, look no further than XPEL Tracwrap. Now you can say goodbye to blue tape as Tracwrap will provide you with the coverage needed for you to drive with no worries.

XPEL Tracwrap is produced with a urethane film that is up to 8MIL thick and is extremely tough to provide your vehicle with the protection that it needs from road debris, rocks, as well as harmful external elements. This means that you give your vehicle even better protection when compared to making use of masking tapes or spray-on options by using Tracwrap. It is equipped with an air-channel adhesive layer that makes installation very easy without having to use any special equipment or chemicals. You can apply Tracwrap anywhere and at any time.

XPEL Tracwrap is also extremely easy to remove due to the utilization of adhesives that have a low tack and leaves no residue behind.

Final thoughts

With respect to ensuring that your car stays new and continues to look crisp, these five products can provide virtually every car owner with comprehensive Solutions that are guaranteed to last a long time. We’ve successfully ushered into the world of paint protection and have revealed to you our top 5 premium products. We hope that it is enough to help you make the right decision to give your car that superb look that you always wanted.

Paint Protection Film

5 Myths Of Paint Protection Film Debunked

I’ve been protecting paint jobs on high-end cars for over 20 years at my shop in Van Nuys called Sticker City.  What’s happening is a problem and I feel that I must speak out.  Don’t get me wrong, there are very good installers out there, but more and more I see prices rising due to an arrogance within the industry.  You see, if people don’t know how a process works, an installer can create added value where there really is none.  This ensures that the customer will pay top dollar for “expert” treatment. Sounds deceitful, doesn’t it?  I think you’re right, so today I want to debunk the 5 myths of Paint Protection Film.

Before I jump into the 5 myths let me be clear.  There are really good reasons to have paint protection film installed on your high-end car.  Paint protection film offers the BEST protection possible for vehicle surfaces from; road debris impacts, topical contaminants, chips and damages, as well as adding additional UV protection.  Also, the advances in the technology over the last 4-5 years have been incredible.  It’s all really good news. I just don’t like seeing installers take advantage of their customers.

Paint Protection Film Myth #1 – All Corners Must Be Fully Wrapped

 Installers commonly use the selling point that all corners must be wrapped, to set themselves above other installers.  The sad truth is that paint protection film can’t wrap every corner cleanly without bunching up around the edges.  Now there is something called the “edge prep” that can help…temporarily.  Unfortunately, this product can negatively affect or even completely ruin a paint job.  Seems pretty ridiculous to me when the original intent was to protect the paint job.

Paint Protection Film 2

Paint Protection Film Myth #2 – “Custom” Equals “Superior”

Many installers will claim they only offer custom installs.  Do you know what this means?  They take a piece of film, lay it over the panel, squeegee it out to semi match the panel, and start cutting the film directly on the painted panel.  That’s it!  That’s what you’re paying a premium for their “expertise”.  Can you believe that?  It makes me crazy and it gets even worse.  The reason they only offer custom installs is because they can’t afford a plotter (a machine that precisely cuts the PPF) or don’t want to pay monthly for a program to cut patterns which are exact to factory specs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  How do these installers get away with it?  Typically, they rely on spouting old information like “patterned film is inferior because it leaves visible edges”.  Not true anymore, patterned film has evolved exponentially.  Truly superior installers have the ability to modify the patterns within the plotter software.    They can literally customize patterns however necessary from full edge wrapping to customize patters requested by the client.  This super precise system eliminates the unnecessary dangers of accidentally cutting the clear coat.

Paint Protection Film Myth #3 – Film Wraps Are Impenetrable

If an installer tells you that a clear bra film can’t be damaged, run for the hills.  That’s right, they are lying!  They can get away with it because the dangers, particularly when installing to areas that don’t need it, might not be seen immediately.  Want to read the list of things that can do damage these areas?

  • A rock slung from an 18-wheeler can penetrate your film.
  • Your son or daughter gouges the film with the exposed metal on their bike.
  • The film flaps off the edge and is now an eyesore that leaves the paint exposed.

Here’s the worst part.  The solution to these problems is to remove and reapply the paint protection film.  So, you call the original installer and they’ve gone out of business.  Once you finally find someone to do the work, you discover that when the old material is removed, you’re left with cuts in your paint along all of the edges of film.  Now you have to pay for a re-paint on that panel or multiple panels or live with the inevitability of rusting.

Do You Care About The Look Of Your Car ?

Paint Protection Film Myth #4 – All Edges Must Be Tucked

Beware when an installer says they tuck film under some trim.  Why?  When edges are tucked they will either eventually come up, or just collect dirt.  The challenge is that paint protective film needs something flat and solid to hold onto, so when the area isn’t large enough, you’ve got problems.  Now the installer will have to trim because the edges look terrible.  Here again, free hand cutting creates a high likelihood of cutting directly into your paint.  A much better solution is to leave the line below trim on the flat surface.   If done properly the line will be aligned with the panel gaps and will be barely noticeable, if at all.

Paint Protection Film Myth #5 – PPF Is a Permanent Protection

Paint protection film is not meant to be a permanent protection for your paint job.  It’s a matter of the life expectancy of the adhesive, typically a few years.  If it’s removed after a super hold takes place with the adhesive, it becomes likely that the paint job will be damaged.  So why not just leave it on?  Well one way or another the film is going to be damaged.  It may be because of harsh weather conditions or more common in Southern California, over exposure to UV rays.  Therefore, since it’s going to have to come off anyway, you might as well do it before it’s too late.

Now, if the installer wrapped everything and tucked the edges then they had to remove the panels.  Guess what?  When the film eventually has to be removed, then the panels have to be removed again and re-installed.  Not only does this add a tremendous amount to labor costs, it greatly increases the potential to break a mounting clip.  If installers removed every panel and made all edges seamless then PPF install costs would have to more than double what they need to be.  It’s just not worth it.  Nor is it worth the costs of time, effort, and money later down the line.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, customer satisfaction will rely on the professionalism of the installer.  I hope you get the message that this doesn’t mean the most expensive, the most custom or the most time required for the install.  Find someone who’s been established in the business.  Look for credibility as well as transparency and you can avoid unnecessary expense and headaches down the road.

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How to Get the Most Marketing Mileage Out Of Your Car Wrap?

We all are very informed about the craze which people have for the Car Wrap in Los Angeles. The vehicle wraps are not only fun but also helps in keeping your vehicle protected for any kind of damage to paint. The vehicle wrap is designed to avoid any effect of dust and dirt which may deposit on the vehicle and could scratch away the paint. The car wrap which is customized by the pros in wrapping business is also used widely to drive the marketing goals related to business.

Choose To Park Wisely
The first thing which you need to do when planning of the car wrap for marketing purpose, you have to ensure that you are informed about the ways that can help in promotion. For this, you have to find the public parking spots which can help in giving maximum exposure to your brand. You can choose the parking of popular public places or shopping centers to get the maximum attention of the public.

Find Your Target Audience
Before you set your marketing goals with your car wrap, it is very important that you must know your target audience. You must understand the perfect people to be targeted for your business, for instance, you could approach the people who would be genuinely interested in investing in your business. It can be women, children, senior citizens or teens and for that, you should target areas like health clubs, schools etc. which are a perfect location to find the right audience.

Local Events
When you are chasing your dream goal of using your car or van wrap for increasing your sales and getting better exposure to your business, you can find out all the local events happening around to find the people who are having a happy and positive attitude to know about your business and taking your services.

Last but not least, you can use the power of social media websites to promote your business. You can get some contests where people may share their picture with your Vehicle Wraps in Los Angeles by tagging your business in return of some gifts or discount coupons.

So, if you have some marketing ideas in your mind which you need to work with your vehicle wrap, make sure you stick by these strategies to get the best results and returns.

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How To Take Care Of A 3M Clear Bra?

Your car is a very big investment at both the financial and emotional level. We never want it to get damaged either it is some dents or minor scratches. A good way to protect such damages is to have a 3M clear bra installed on your vehicle to protect the paint from the effect of weather like the sun, rain as well as dust or dirt. However, it is also very important that you aim at all the measures which can help in protecting the 3M Clear Bra in Los Angeles.


Wash carefully: first of all, you should ensure that you wash your car in routine for any dirt and dust which deposits on your vehicle. You should try to avoid high-pressure application on the film to ensure that the film is not peeled or damaged from anywhere.


Clear Bra Los Angeles

Powder detergent: when you approach some auto repair shop for SLIPLO Universal Skid Plates, it may get very expensive to work on the fixes. This is why having a 3M layered protection on your vehicle is preferred by car enthusiasts. Once your car is filmed with the clear bra you must use a good quality liquid car wash solution for washing your vehicle. Using powdered detergent on your vehicle may cause damage to the film and even paint due to the harsh feel.

Do not pick edges: applying a very high pressure while washing or parking your vehicle in direct sunlight may make it tough for the film to stay on the edges. However, you should never try to pick on edges as it may lead to pulling of entire film bringing loss to your investment as well as your car’s paint.

No abrasive action: last but not the least, it gets frequent that your car is supposed to get through extensive dust areas which may stick to your car and may get wet to get toughened. But you should never try to remove them by scratching as it can damage the film. Any kind of abrasion made to the film using a dry cloth or your trick to remove them with your nail may cause the protective film to pull out exposing your vehicle to damage.

Car Buyer Alert – What You Need To Know About Paint Protection Film

Before you decide to get a paint protection film installed on your car, there are a few things you need to be aware of first. Any leading car painting Los Angeles firm would advise you to invest in a reliable paint protection film if you want the colors of the paint to never change over the period of usage. If you want it to keep looking the same and as if you have just purchased it, you will need to protect your car with a robust quality transparent film.

What Automotive Paint Protection Film Does For Your Car
The most reputed paint protection film Los Angeles companies would recommend a covering that is reliable and highly preferred in the industry. Automotive Protective Films are typically known by many different names including clear masks, invisible paint shields, or clear wrap, rock chip protection, and/or car scratch protective films, but the end purpose of them all is exactly the same. They are here to protect your vehicle paint from any kind of harm.

But Why Should You Install A Paint Protection Film?
First of all by installing a paint protection for your automobile you will be making sure that your car always looks good and its paint lasts longer. Needless to mention that opting for a reliable and sturdy car paint protection film you will be choosing a very comprehensive form of defense against damage and wear and tear that your vehicle can go through at any given time.

Paint Protection Films Work Against Chips And Cracks
Do you know that today’s paint protection covers or films are made with materials that have high resistance to impact? Its correct application will effectively protect your car paint from scratching easily or getting chipped by rocks, accidental abrasions and road debris. These are made with a urethane film which is highly resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants. This means that you can protect your car paint from a variety of chemical stains as well. There will be no etching caused by bird droppings. Acid rain or bug splatter, or any kind of mineral deposits will not harm your car’s shiny surface.

Want More Advantages?
Leading car painting Los Angeles companies say that this film does not oxidize at all with extended exposure to the sun. This helps in preventing your paint from fading. The harmful UV rays of the sun are rendered useless because the top layer of a high quality and durable film is made up of elastomeric polymers. These films easily return to their natural shape even after they’ve been stretched or disfigured abnormally. This gives them a “self-healing” property which helps them absorb the damage and return to their original condition.

Give Your Car The Best Protection On Earth with a Sticker City Clear Bra in Los Angeles

Car wrapping and clear bra are turning out to be a trend for every vehicle either it is a service van or some luxury vehicle. Vehicle wraps have become much more common as everyone has its own perception related to car wraps. Either it is due to the marketing of some brand or the need to make a vehicle look eye-catching and unique while driving on the roads. With the use of mufflers and many other parts like spoilers and exhaust grills, stickers have also become an important part of car modification. At sticker city, we offer you some really good reasons why you need to reach us when you are looking for car wraps in the Los Angeles.

The portfolio: the very first thing which anyone who is investing money in car modification would need is to see the work done. This is why we offer you a well-developed portfolio for the vehicles which we have wrapped ranging from Porsche to Lamborghini, Mercedes to BMW. we have worked on a number of vehicles like the Porsche 911, Audi RS, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes G-wagon and the list goes on. We have an experience of reaching for each and every detail when it comes to wrapping your vehicle.

Technique: the second important factor which makes us a wise choice is a technique used in wrapping. The wrapping of a car needs to be done with perfection because even a minor cut on your all clean vehicle would be highlighted as it could be clearly identified from the shiny paint. So we try to work in detail avoiding any kind of damage made to the vehicle during wrapping.

Material Use: when you choose a wrap for your car a major concern is the use of the material. There are so many wraps in the market which are made with low-quality material as well as the glue. The glue used in those wraps has the chances to damage your car’s paint this is why we use the wraps that can be removed whenever you want without causing any damage to your vehicle. One of our most used products is the Clear Bra Los Angeles that can help your vehicle giving a shiny or matte look without any feel of the additional object added to paint. We incorporate every design by understanding the thoughts and feelings of the vehicle owner to always give the best.

So, if you need to get a car wrap for your vehicle that sets your car to be unique in the entire United States, reach us for assistance.